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Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2012:
for "Vater, unser Wille geschehe"

Television-Festival Baden-Baden 2011:
for "Vater, unser Wille geschehe"

Catholic Media Award 2011:
for "Welcher Glaube für mein Kind?"

Port Townsend Film Festival 2006:
for "Drum Bun - Gute Reise"

Hof International Film Festival 2005:
for "Drum Bun - Gute Reise"

German Television Award 2002:
for "Edel & Starck"

"Working together with Christof is fun, because he's listening carefully, and he knows how to interpret in a fast and precise manner. He's adventurous and always very keen to tease the very best out of the stuff - and he succeeds on this. He's giving the director the relaxing feeling to have an experienced chauffeur sitting next to him."
Oliver Rihs, Director

"Enthusiasm for the subject, profound knowledge of dramaturgy (craftsmanship anyway), openness, curiousity and, the most important: good taste. All of this characterises Christof. For me personally and for our project TERROR it was a great fortune to work with him."
Martin Maurer, Screenwriter & Author

"Truffaut once said: "The shooting corrects the script. The editing corrects the shoot." Nothing less Christof is doing. Reorganizing the raw material in a likewise radical as sophisticated way. Fortunately this isn't an end in itself, the final result is the only important thing to him. Christof is living for the perfect cut, for that he's kind of a positive demoniac. A stroke of luck to any director who's not just looking for an executor, but for an combatant."
Abel Lindner, Director & Screenwriter

"Christof has been an amazing partner in all of my projects. With his great enthusiasm he always tries to get out the best from the raw material. Christof is a good listener. He is totally dedicated to the project and always fights for the best possible film. Very rarely I witnessed such a devotion. Christof has profound knowledge in editing and a deadpan humor. He has tons of ideas and is always ready to try new paths."
Robert Ralston, Director

"Christof often saved the life of my films. He's fighting like Indiana Jones in the jungle of the raw material. Then - with a somnambulistic certainty - he takes the right decison on every cut he makes. And all of a sudden the messy stuff you thought would be impossible to edit has transformed into a finished film. And it feels a little bit like Christof has just put the Holy Grail in your hands."
Péter Palátsik, Director & Screenwriter

"Christof did not less than to rescue my film WE'VE GOT THE MUSIC. I myself was terribly overburdened by the raw material when I first assembled an unacceptable boring 150-minutes version of this documentary. Fortunately Christof took over. He edited a slim version of only 48 minutes - a version that feels entertaining and even touching. Christof has an unmistakable intuition for the rhythm and the overall structure of a story. He knows to empathize with the director's purposes, he's a hundred percent reliable and an open-minded conversational partner in the editing room."
Marc Ottiker, Director